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The new and exclusive VS Racing VSR04 super long stroke .21 on-road engine is based on the very powerful O.S. Speed R2102 and is an extraction of the worldfamous OS Max precision and technology together with some addional 'Rody' touch and development, equipped with a VS Bi-Turbo crankshaft and VS Spec combustion chamber. 

The VSR04 is suited for high competition 1/8scale on-road racing.
This engine is intended for "EXPIERIENCED" users. 


  • Super Long Stroke
  • 7 Ports with MES
  • CNC machined Euro-Spec. piston
  • VS Spec. 14mm MODIFIED 'Rody' DLC(Diamond Like Coating)Bi-Turbo crankshaft, lightened and silicone paste.
  • Competition Conrod
  • VS Spec. Turbo combustion chamber.
  • 14mm high-speed main bearing
  • 7mm high-speed front bearing with rubber protection
  • VS Spec. R04 Super lightweight cooling head
  • VS Spec. crankcase
  • VS spec. aluminum lightweight slide carburetor with 8.5mm aluminum venturi.

A special interest goes to the DLC coating technology which will increase the lifespan of the rotating parts, especially in the piston-area where the pin is exposed to high pressure from both piston and conrod. The crankshaft itself will resist better against wear on the conrod area but also at the intake area where sometimes dust passes.


Type :On-Road
Contents :.21(3.49cc)
Bore :16.08mm
Stroke :17.20mm
Crankshaft :DLC/BI-TURBO/SIL 14mm SG/SPT (25/245)
Main-Bearing :14mm HighSpeed
Front-Bearing :7mm HighSpeed 
Cylinder :ABC
Ports Intake :7  (300/60)
Ports Exhaust :3  (270/90)
Carburator :VS Spec. Neck 15mm
Cooling-Head :VS Spec. Superlight On-Road
Underhead :VS Spec for conical(Turbo) glowplug.
RMP :Max Power @ 33K RPM (4-45K RPM range)
Weight :330Gr


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