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EBIS Pre-Running service


EBIS Pre-Running service

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The engine(s) you have purchased on this website will be pre-run with a revolutionairy sytem called "EBIS" = Easy Break In System

The Easy Break In System is an revolutionary and very effective new way to break-in nitro engines.

The system used for to pre-run the engine features

  • Computer-controlled electric drive system
  • Computer-controlled electric oil heating system
  • Horizontal RC engine position during breaking in
  • Engine is submerged in oil during the pre-run period.
  • Each engine will be checked again once it has been pre-run.

A Pre-Run engine allows easier starting once it is assembled in your car. It is however still advised to pre-heat your engine before each start. So you do not put too much stress on the conrod and to have a piston/sleeve assembly well dilated.

For the VS Racing engines who are pre-run with this system.

  • Before starting, pre-heat the engine.
  • When you have started the engine let it idle for 1/2 a tank.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Then start the engine again and on the track start setting the engine to its final setting over 12-tanks starting on the rich side and gradually going leaner untill you have reached maximum power at the end of the 12th tank.
  • Let the engine cool down after each 4 tanks.


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