General Terms and Conditions



1. Ordering
Your counterpart to order our products is

VictoSport sarl
223, Rue de la Liberté
38830 St. Pierre d'Allevard FRANCE.
Siren: 519 028 088

All orders are accepted when they are received on-line through our e-commerce website On receipt of an order the customer will receive a reply by e-mail confirming that the order has been successfully processed.
This message will sum up all customer details, the list of articles ordered with an order number.
Therefore an order is to be considered valid and processed, only after the receipt of VictoSport order confirmation. If you do not receive this e-mail it means the order has not been processed and we strongly advise to contact VictoSport to find out what has happened via our contact form present on our website.

2. Right of withdrawal/first refusal
The customer has the right of withdrawal for whatever reason. To exercise this right though, the customer will have to send a written request to VictoSport, within 14 days from receipt of an order.
The right of withdrawal is nonetheless applicable under the following conditions:

- The product purchased directly from VictoSport has to be undamaged and in its original packaging.
- The product cannot be used in full or partially prior to its return.
- Organization and shipping cost to return the product to VictoSport, will be totally at the customer’s charges.
- Discounted items cannot be returned nor be reimbursed.

VictoSport will refund the customer for the total amount already paid within 30 days from the receipt of the returned good from the customer, by deducting eventually any extra cost for restoring the returned good, should it be damaged on its way back to VictoSport.

The right of withdrawal is totally inapplicable when the basic conditions of undamaged product are missing, In this case VictoSport will return the good as received to the customer if the latter is willing to pay upfront for shipping cost and no refund will be made for this product.

On the total refund amount, PayPal or credit card commission fees will be deducted.

Return address of products:
70, Chemin Du Cade
Lot. Clos Baptiste N°6
83570 Carces

3. Product Availability
Normally VictoSport commits itself in shipping all products indicated on our website as available, within 5 working days from the date of our confirmation by e-mail. However, we cannot guarantee 100% our availability always as all products in production are subject to our daily availability towards the volume of orders received on-line which can modify the status of each product rapidly and in an unforeseeable way.
In case a product is not available, the customer will be informed immediately.

4. Warranty
All our products are covered by our VictoSport warranty, however it is responsibility of the customer to check immediately the integrity of the product received, for any eventual manufacturing defect or damages during shipping. The customer has the legal duty to inform VictoSport of any eventual defect found on the product, and to agree with VictoSport on the actions to take after wards.

5. Data Processing
VictoSport informs all customers that all data supplied when they fill in their application form and register, will be used solely to process their order and for any eventual commercial activity such as circular letters to inform all registered customers about any new product and/or promotion.
On the other hand, the customer can ask VictoSport for the cancellation or modification of the info entered, at any time.

6. Supplier Data 
VictoSport sarl – 223, Rue de la Liberté - 38830 - St. Pierre d'Allevard - FRANCE

7. Price and Currency
All prices entered in our website, are to be considered VAT inclusive. For all Non-EEC customers, identifiable at time of registration, the price applied will not include our VAT amount.
All prices can be modified at any time, without any obligation of forewarning on behalf of VictoSport.
The customer can choose the purchasing currency amongst those foreseen, and the Rate of Exchange between Euro and the other currencies available will be fixed by VictoSport and may be modified any moment without any warning.

8. Technical data
All technical data on our website, may be modified at any time, without any previous warning on behalf of VictoSport.

9. Payment
VictoSport can accept several payment methods, when ordering on-line. Therefore the customer can choose one of the following types available:

- PayPal

- Credit Card

- Cash payment when pick up is done directly at VictoSport in France.

10. Shipping information
When filling the form to make an order, the customer can choose one of the couriers and types of service amongst all those offered, based on the availability of the geographical area where the goods are shipped.

All goods are delivered free of charge, and shipping cost is previously calculated when ordering and charged on the invoice.(Excluded any eventual customs duties applied by customs in all countries outside The European Economical Community – See point 11)

When the goods are delivered the customer is liable for checking that all packages are undamaged and the total number is correct as specified on the shipping document before signing it for. In case of any discrepancy of quantity or in presence of damaged goods, this should be notified immediately in written on the shipping document. VictoSport should also be notified directly within 7 days by registered mail.

Shipping cost depends very much on the courier and service chosen by the customer, the rate applied by VictoSport are the results of negotiations with the most important couriers on the market, therefore the prices applied are very much competitive at worldwide level. Obviously the total cost is effected by its volumetric weight, therefore the more is ordered and the less is the incidence of shipping cost on the total value of the order.

11. Customs duties
Payment of any eventual customs duties has to be settled directly by the customer when the parcel is delivered. This amount is calculated directly by customs according to the current law of the importing country.
VictoSport cannot possibly know in advance in which country customs duties are applied, or their relative amount. This information will be given directly by the courier when the goods reach their destination.
In case the customer refuses to pay for customs charges and therefore refuses the delivery of shipment, these customs charges and shipping cost to return the parcel to VictoSport will be deducted from the total amount of the order, and solely the difference will be refunded to the customer.