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O.S.SPEED B2105 1EK00



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Based on O.S. SPEED B2104, the crankshaft and C&P have been revised.

Not only the power characteristics but overall power delivery has improved.

Compared to the B2104, it has more torque from mid to top end, and torque from low rpm feels flatter, making it easier to use compare to B2104.

Drivability has been improved by reducing the weight of the cooling-head.

For the optimal performance, the newly designed crankshaft has a revised timing and counterweight balance along with O.S.SPEED's traditional DLC coating.

With the re-designed crankshaft, power is very linear and you get power at any RPM without any stress.

Cylinder and liner: we evised the shape of the exhaust port for better performance.

The carburetor is based on the 22E with an improved idle adjustment valve, a more stable fuel supply is obtained.

The thrust plate with surface treatment embedded in the cover plate reduces friction against a connecting rod to improve life and stability.


  • A specific internal shaped crankcase for better power
  • A rear-cover with thrust plate reduces friction against the connecting rod to extend its life.
  • A new redesigned DLC coated crankshaft has two tungsten counter weights for smooth rotation and the best balance
  • A newly designed 3-port cylinder& piston set
  • The inner head with an silicon O ring for reducing vibration and preventing dust
  • Long stroke 16.8mm engine
  • Ceramic Main-Bearing

Displacement: 3.46cc 
Output: 2.68ps @ 34,000 rpm 
Bore: 16.27mm 
Stroke: 16.80mm 
Practical RPM Range: 4,000 ~ 42,000 rpm 
Weight: 352g 


  • T-P3 plug
  • 6mm & 6.5mm Venturi's
  • Exhaust Gasket
  • Dust Cap Set (3mm/16mm/18mm)


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