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The new and exclusive VS SPEED M04 super long stroke .21 marine engine is based on the very powerful VSR04 on-road engine and is an extraction of the world famous OS Max precision and technology together with some additonal 'Rody' touch and development, equipped with a VS Spec water cooled head. 

The V.S. SPEED M04 is equally suited for a gearbox application in FSR-V/O boats but also direct drive boats such as FSR-H outrigger hydroplanes (especially the latest generation 3-point riggers).
This engine is intended for "EXPIERIENCED" users. 

Inside the V.S. SPEED M04 you will find:

  • A 3-Port shaped exhaust which opens at 270° and closes at 90°, total open 180° 
  • A 7-port intake opens at 300° and closes at 60°, total open 120°
  • A new Bi-Turbo, UltraLongStroke, balanced and DLC treated crankshaft intake opens at 25° and closes at 250°, total open 225°

This combination has proven to give excellent overall performances!


  • Reliable O.S. SPEED quality, power & spare parts availability.
  • 7+3 Port ABC piston/sleeve assembly.
  • DLC(Diamond-like Coating) on 14.0 mm "SG" BI-TURBO crankshaft with 5 mm pilot shaft.
  • Silicone ramp for smoother fuel-flow.
  • Rody design 'Marine' cooling-head.
  • Carburetor NOT included so you are free to choose the carburetor of your liking, as long as it has a neck of 15mm. 


Type :Marine Inboard
Contents :.21(3.49cc)
Bore :16.08mm
Stroke :17.20mm
Crankshaft :DLC/BI-TURBO/SIL 14mm SG/SPT (25/250)
Main-Bearing :14mm HighSpeed
Front-Bearing :7mm HighSpeed 
Cylinder :ABC
Ports Intake :7  (300/60)
Ports Exhaust :3  (270/90)
Carburator :Neck 15mm(Carb.NOT Included)
Cooling-Head :Marine
Underhead :for conical(Turbo) glowplug.
RMP :Max Power @ 33K RPM (4-45K RPM range)
Weight :256Gr



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